The Most Interesting Thing About Noah

I missed this yesterday thanks to an unexpected, work related jaunt to New York City to drop off some needed materials prior to the Armory art fair...damn! I messed up. But, I am posting it anyway so that people can be sure to catch up on the rest of the online exhibit and maybe see something they normally wouldn't have!

 So for diehard Gravity fans (is there even such a thing? anyway...)  apart from the feature film a few shorts were edition-ed as well, each with different music and in some cases even unused footage! When we exhibited the entire town in museums these shorts were screened inside of the set houses, each house was turned into a little black box theater (using the curtains from the set!) to see glimpses of the feature film in this form. In a rare event, one of the vignettes, will be on display March 6th only as part of an online exhibition! The exhibition is called Time Lapse, a reference to an art exhibit in 1969 called One Month in which the curator Seth Siegelab held an experimental "exhibit" featuring only a catalogue in which different artists contributed for a different day of March, and will be taking place over on the Site Santa Fe website. This exhibit, updated for the fleeting space of the internet and also not exhibiting in real world space, will be featuring different art every day during the month of March so, click on over there to see our short...and also the 29 other transient pieces of art!

The vignette we will be screening is called Noah. It uses footage from both my first live trout buying experience, my first animal & children wrangling on a film set experience and it was also responsible for a 2 week period when everything in my house was covered in blue oil paint and for a time where I had a weird ache in my knees from kicking under the roof, while Leonard hammered above, to make nails flood frame by frame! O, and also, listen to the words! It is a beautiful alternate telling of the Bible tale of Noah, shifting the focus of the miracle to the realities behind it, realities maybe our world should focus on a little bit more too!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.