I Am Posting From A Train!

Every so often I like to update what our friends and fellow bandmates are up to so...here is another edition of "Some of the Musicians We Play With and What They Are Up To! Woohoo!" A lot of our band has been traveling lately it seems....Drew is on the other side of the globe. Drew may or may not be chasing a woman whom he met when we played Gravity live in Australia. Best of luck Drew! I expect many presents! MANY! Todd Chandler, our occasional upright bassist and fast band van driver, recently returned from a trip to Mexico where he was lucky enough to catch the celebration of San Juan de Dios, the Patron Saint of Pyrotechnics of course. When Todd told me he was going he supplied a video in which a giant bull on wheels was filled with explosive, set ablaze and then proceeded to ambush the crowd...Luckily Todd has returned with all of his fingers and plenty of beautiful, beautiful images! Brendan Canty also just returned from Mexico too where he joined filmmaker Sam Green in a few shows of his Utopia in Four Movements live film project...Brendan also has been playing shows with his new band Death Fix, if you are in the D.C. area keep an eye out for them! And, speaking of traveling, we were lucky enough to snag both Jim Becker and Joe Adamik from their constant world touring with the band Iron & Wine long enough for them to join us in Chicago this week for a little lecture/performance on Wednesday at SAIC! (Hi Joe! -waves emphatically- I never met you!)

Other bandmates have been busy on the creative side too...John Swartz is clicking away with his camera, Mike McGinley has (FINALLY) put his wonderfully interesting painting work in digital format on the world wide web and the elusive drummer Jim White has a new album out, Toward The Low Sun, with his band The Dirty Three! And me? What I have I been up to? (I know you didn't actually ask but...) I just finished the final touches on my brand new studio (pictured) which now sits across from the barn! All of the loud soundtrack recording and gigantic moving sculptures and general messiness were encroaching on my own creative space so I now have a little haven in the yard to complete my own projects away from the clamor and sawdust cloud that is the Nervousfilms barn studio! Yay! Ok, I know I am missing updates for TONS of others who have played alongside Gravity and other various Brent Green projects but, I am sure that wherever our fellow musicians are everyone is making music in this perfect Spring weather! GO OUTSIDE!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.