up in the air

Yesterday we filmed the scene I think Brent was most excited to shoot- the (stop motion) car crash. I think the main reason he was excited was because a lot of people kept saying he couldn't do it. I remember one kid actually saying to him "not possible" which,  of course, made him want to do it even more!

So we went about living out every boys dream of destroying cars, heavy machinery, fake blood and broken glass. Mike flew through the air attached to a crane. Brent (who I forced to put on gloves) broke apart windshields in between camera shots. Our friend Jane played a beautiful corpse. A local animator named Dan sledgehammered bumpers when he wasn't rotating crane baskets. And I, type cast, played a horrible driver. We all pretty much did a little of everything for the scene, with two smashed cars and a few band aids to prove it!  Our combined efforts really made a beautiful, tragic, amazing end result which I seriously can't wait to see on a big screen! 



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