I think one of my favorite things since we've been taking down the set in the yard is discovering what things have started residing in our yard town (pop. 20+?).  In Leonard's house we found a lot of mice nests (including the single most disgusting water preserved mouse complete with slimy nest-so, so putrid!), a few mole burrowing routes and of course many, many spiders, wasps and bees. 

In the house facades, which we have started taking down today in anticipation of truck loading next week, we have found dozens of yellow jackets & wasp hives, bird nests and a few bat dwellings in the darkest of corners. There are also snakes loving the wiring tunnels we've created for them and a gigantic gopher I have seen scaling the piles of walls. I hope they aren't too sad that their little town is being eminent domained (when writing this post I started going off an an eminent domain rant which I soon realized deserves it's own post- check back soon for my rant!). In the spirit of this great museum I visited in L.A. I decided to take specimen-esque pics of today's found habitats! Welcome to my creepy museum of yard town dwellings (and one unfortunate former inhabitant)!



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