The Alcazar In the Days of Cole Porter

Still a bit under the weather but still able to get out to tonight's Gravity screening at the Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art! Being a bit groggy made me not really get a sense of the crowd or reaction or any idea of what was going on for that matter but, I did jump into a perfect film nerd circle that formed in the lingering post show crowd led by a professor orating on the film The Rules of the Game (love that film!) in relation to Gravity- which I think is a good sign as to how the screening went!? I was also awake enough to notice that the Cinematheque has a great calendar! Silent Running? That is sci-fi gold! A Matthew Barney retrospective? (Not my thing but...) Pretty rad! Being sick led to me spending too much time in the hotel though...and the hotel (a little bit Barton Fink and a little bit Wes Anderson) made it a wonderful place to be sick in! "The Alcazar," a historic remnant of bustling 1920's Cleveland, has a bunch of elderly residents that congregate to do puzzles in the lobby in the wee hours of the morning and a suite that used to be Cole Porter's! It's a cinematic gem all it's own! And I do love puzzles! Obviously I need more puzzles! I mean sleep. I need more sleep.



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