Animation Vacation

Depending on which internet translator you use this (pictured) might be a great year end recap of the best animation...or not! I'm going to bring in the New Year on a happy note and assume it is an amazing review- woohoo! This definitely was a great year for us on the animation front though- The L.A. Animation FestThe Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema, The San Francisco International Animation Film Festival and even The Ottawa International Animation Festival all screened Gravity, showing that you don't have to be a 3-D mega tech computer genius to make a beautiful animated story! I hope more lo-fi animations are made in 2011. As much as I love to see artistic progress & new uses of technology, there is something about the visible hand in creating things that I think is important for everyone to see, especially the young audiences of most animated features. Who knows, maybe Brent is secretly plotting a new hand drawn animation....hmmmmmm?



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