One of the reasons I was disappointed to not go to the Ottawa Animation Festival was because I was really interested in what animators would say about the film. Animators can often instantly recognize the amount of work that went into the production of Gravity, unlike non-animators who can sometimes barely wrap their heads around how we made the animated people talk! It's always sort of nice to hear from those who comprehend that I was outside for hours in the cold moving frame by frame! 

But, with an animator crowd, I guess one must expect those that are into the future of animation- the CGI lovers and the 3D hopefuls which might not necessarily be into a pretty old school animating technique. I do have one thing to say in defense of the film and advances in animation- the fact that we used digital cameras for pixelation in this way is sort of an achievement I think. It makes the in camera, in scene editing so much quicker that it is almost a progressive use of technology. So, despite the lack of wire frames & computerized texture, Gravity is sort of a new way to look at technological advances in digital animation! 

Also, one person who wrote about seeing the film is covering the festival over on his blog! His coverage is great! But, I might be biased since he liked Gravity...hehe! O, and one more thing, I did a post about Brent and his use of animation a long time ago which I thought, given the animating audience the festival is attracting, people might be interested in- link here!



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