Some Days My Brain Does Not Want to Float

Been too busy reconstructing the set in Kentucky to really have time to write about Gravity! Let's we had not one but 2 screenings in Canada, one at Hotdocs and one at Plastic Paper! Hopefully the audiences will be a bit more happy than the other recent Canadian responses...actually we did get a nice write up on Cinemascope from a HotDocs reviewer who also included reviews for Dragonslayer (a secretly screened film about skateboarding counter culture I sadly missed at the True/False Documentary Film Festival) and a review of El Bulli (which I saw at True/False and loved every morsel of)- go True/False! (This just in: apparently True/False  is going to launch an online magazine May 15th? Is this true? Or false? I really hope it is true, I cannot tell you how amazing this fest is! Maybe they can capture some of the magic online for everybody who can't make it out to magical Columbia Missouri!)

Next up for Gravity is IndieLisboa which begins tomorrow. Brent is headed out there (and I mean waaaay out there, over an entire ocean in fact) this weekend to introduce Gravity at the 8th edition of this fest. I don't know much about it but I did read that The Tindersticks will be playing film scores to a montage of Claire Denis films! What?! Had I known this I would have definitely tried to make my way out to Portugal too! As a kid I remember seeing Denis' film Nenette et Boni and suddenly having a whole new understanding of what a film could be- a simplistic yet deeply portrayed capsule of a life with its complications, confusions and even mundanity being beautiful events. Even the opening of the film with a slowly fading in screen over an audible, indistinguishable hissing creature that turns out to be a mechanical coffeepot (a symbol of a changing modern France) grew my perception of sound in film, a thing that I have a feeling effected my own use of sound in film. And I have fond memories of The Tindersticks too, listening to their sweet soundtrack driven songs, driving in the rain after film class in college with good friends...sigh...speaking of rain, we made it back to Pennsylvania very late last night through torrential downpours where we found an entire, huge maple tree uprooted in the yard! That tree was in Gravity! Stately standing in the background of the flood scene! I guess  it couldn't survive the real sad! Here are a few pictures of the set as it sits now in Kentucky, the original place Leonard's story first came alive.



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