Canadian Death Wish (my fictional metal band)

Wow! Canada hates us! It's true! Usually I don't bring up negative Gravity related comments but I am kind of overwhelmed by how much Canada dislikes the film as of late...especially since we've been getting nothing but tears & thank yous for showing the film in South America recently! Gravity will be playing at Hot Docs- the monolithic documentary film fest that takes place annually in Toronto. They held a few press previews and local takes on Gravity include "I would have left but I fell asleep" and "It is art. But bad art." Ouch. But, I realize if you want a straight up documentary then Gravity is definitely not for you. At all. And, that by making the film a public event it is bound to find a few haters!

Hopefully our opening night at the Plastic Paper Festival in Winnipeg will be positive (despite the fact that since we can't send out DVD screeners due to the art world nature of the film there has been some unhappiness)!  Maybe we should just stay away from Canada? Maybe it is just so cold up there their blood needs some warming up to the film? C'mon Spring! Send Canada some love! Here is a picture of Brent trying to keep it positive during our previous ill-fated screening in Canada also, there is Niagara Falls looking...purple? At least the screenings in Ottawa seemed to go well (despite the hesitation over calling the film animated)! O Canada, not my home nor native land...!



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