Zagreb Animafest

Brent and I couldn't figure out why there was a sudden influx of Croatians showing up on the short films page and then we remembered that Gravity is screening at the 2011 Animafest Zagreb Croatia! Featuring a ton of respected, modern animation (Surviving Life, Goodbye Mister Christie, My Dog Tulip) with a bunch of new standards thrown in (Coraline, The Simpson's Movie, Yellow Submarine) this fest looks like it has a great wide range in the animated genre.

Actually, a film they are showcasing, and that has been following us around on the animation circuit, I just got a chance to finally see: The Illusionist. Sylvain Chomet's second feature, based on a concept by Jaques Tati, is absolutely gorgeous. I had heard a lot of mixed things about this film and I don't understand why. It is breathtaking and the story of a magician as he lives through life evaluating value is simple and beautiful. Even though some of the visual details are a bit skimpy (animating is such an intensive process, I can't be too demanding!) Chomet is still a master! And then I realized as the credits rolled that he composed the score as well! Wow! Gravity will be playing at the Animafest tonight (and last night) and I am honored to be in the company of such animated characters!



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