Cleveland. And Rocks.

Mostly due to my mangled, barn beam inflicted face....I have decided to stay home while Brent traveled on to Cleveland, Ohio this week where he is acting as a judge at The Cleveland Art Institute's Student Independent Exhibition! I am actually pretty bummed to miss out on this one, the last time we went through Cleveland (with a truck load of art, a theatrical screening of Gravity and a stay at a vintage jazz hotel!) I was also under the weather so I feel like I haven't given this place the exploration it deserves...especially since I was not too long ago gifted some awesome coffee (I think from here?) that hails from this mysterious region!

Also, some of Brent's fellow jurors (who were listed on an e-mail sent to me and who I couldn't help but take a peek at!) make some pretty amazing work! One fulfilling the weird loves I have for both industrial ceramic manipulation & also specimen collection and the other oddly fulfilling the obsession I have with the floating away of architecture...I mean it! I seem to always like these themes in art! I wonder why? Maybe because they are affronts to the odd little realities of capitalist normality (vinyl siding and tchotchkes) that we accept without a question nowadays? Who knows! O well! Sad I am missing this one! Hope I get to see some images of the finished exhibition, maybe even head out there for the opening..? Anyway, me and Cleveland will have our day I guess...(ices face) Here are a few more pics of interesting rocks from our road trip home from Utah! (continues to ice face)



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