Studio News! And a Cat!

Had an interview all set for this week but the artist rescinded her answers at the last minute...? O well! Interviews in the works for a bunch more Renaissance ladies in the upcoming weeks so please, stay tuned!
O, and in Gravity news...we'll be doing a live screening of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then in Buffalo New York March 4th (featuring Brent Green, Mike McGinley, Brendan Canty, Drew Henkels and me on foley!) in addition to a mini-stay at HallWalls Contemporary Arts Center where me, Mike and Brent will be recording some new demos for the next feature film (how excited am I? VERY!)! And screenings of Gravity abroad abound too with recent projections in a museum in Geneva and an upcoming one in Madrid (more info on the date soon)!

Unrelated: Here is a picture of our farmland neighborhood and of the weirdest local cat I have ever seen. Hope his parasites don't eat my brain (this article is sooo interesting, did you know there is a wasp that mind controls spiders through parasites to make them build wasp nests? and cat parasites can alter human personality indefinitely?!)...! Who is gonna make the documentary on this? It must be done! Have I found my calling?



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