...I got $20 riding on somebody creating a Brent font! sans serif!

Brent's handwriting is distinct- it definitely adds a dimension to his work that is both disurbing and childlike at the same time. He uses title cards a lot in his films mostly because I think he has a lot of thoughts he needs to get out and he can literally say one thing while another, written, flashes on the screen. I just realized this is a far, loud cry from silent film title cards! He tends to make them on the back of old film negative holders that are eeriely matte black which, I also just realized, is an odd (unintentional?) comment on film being that he shoots mostly digital...hmmm...

Brent's recording and editing some of the narration and making title cards for Gravity right now. When we were listening to this one particular part he said "I think in rants..." which is true! Just ask the poor kid who works at the video store...little does that kid know that some Brent Green rants can be inspiring!

Here are some photos of title cards from the new film (up top) and 2 photos of part of a word based piece from Brent's Site Santa Fe show as we were working on it last summer on the farm- the pop sensation/sweetie pie Drew Henkels took these bottom photos when he was out here helping us prep for the show! Yay Drew! Check out his band Drew and the Medicinal Pen! Not only do they often provide our studio with some much needed awesome, upbeat rock n'roll they are the single best band to have sleep on your floor during a tour! So nice! So clean smelling! Get them on your floor today! Or at least get their beautiful new release!                                                       



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