i was dressed for success

As promised here is Part 2 of the costume posts! Well we all know about the dress and all but a few other pieces of costumes in the film are also handmade as well! My mom (Hi mom! I know you are reading this! Hello!) is a devout knitter who has provided me with scarves and mittens and socks for years! I definitely didn't appreciate her skills until moving to the chilly woods (the photo at the bottom shows our current snowy predicament taken as the car was being pulled from a snow bank by a friendly truck driving passerby) and wearing all of her knitwear at once both on and off camera. 
My friend Laura also provided the film with a burst of knitted color with this yellowy scarf , something I kept adding to my characters costumes the more sickly and gray I became. I think even Mike dons some homegrown knitwear his significant other, the lovely Miss Holli Hopkins, whipped up for a  freeezing Chicago! I also made a few simple skirts out of thrift store remnants that grace the film a bit. The one up top I really like, it looks and feels like an old man's pajamas- more clothes should have this quality! I'm planning on wearing this skirt in one of the final scenes we are shooting next week in which Mary & Leonard meet. They meet in a car crash. I wonder what will get fake blood out of these clothes? Or real blood. I hope there's no real blood. I need a stunt double.



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