"in a hot tub with my soul mate" i wish this thing was a hot tub!

This morning I'm sitting here editing out some sound for the film and I hear a huge, amazing rumble. At first I am awed by my sound making skills. Then I realized there was a gigantic truck in the yard delivering this:

Brent has a bunch of museum shows in the upcoming year (the 81in x 60in water tank being a part of them) that are extensions of the film- I would say they are a mix of film clips and concrete objects but he seems to really be into the idea of moving objects lately so I dunno if concrete is the right word! 
Side note: It is really odd that he shoots film on a still camera and then makes these enormous, stationary objects take flight or spin or make noise. A machine already exists to make moving pictures and he chooses not to use it. Then he chooses to make this large, immovable water tank into a rotating wax cylinder. I guess he likes the difficulty...and there's something about the moving, urgency in these ominous, overbearing sculptures that is a constant theme in his films. I just never thought I'd see art and think "Watch out! That sculpture is going to get you! Do something about it! Do something!" He uses what he knows & sees to make things that move & are seen and I think he wants you to do the same...but this is just a guess! Ok...back to the sound...



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