art i love

I completely forgot to post about this! Brent did a series of drawings that were turned into a series of prints for the site Art We Love. Being that Gravity has taken over our brains for the better part of two years the prints are Gravity themed- one of Leonard accidentally causing a flood that he thinks is communicating with God, one of Mary hovering, giant with a lightbulb halo over a small, dark house and another that has one of my favorite lines from the film "I wish I lived in the late 19th century when inventing and stealing was easy. I'd get you all the best things." When Brent was working on these he had them taped all over the cabinets and walls in the house, drawing on them in between editing and was pretty wonderful to see them grow and pretty wonderful how vibrant & celebratory they are despite the bleak, sad sentiments & figures...I really do love these pieces!



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