the years have wings

Someone was asking me for images of storyboards today and it sent me routing through the archives, more specifically the cabinets under the kitchen sink, where I found piles of them! The ones for Gravity are white paint on black construction paper that sort of plot out the words with brief glimpses of key images, which appear to be the way a lot of Brent's storyboards take shape. I remember him animating these papers into a sort of visual storybook at some point, I'm not sure why but my only guess is it would help actually watch the structure better since it was the longest film he's made yet, seeing if the string of events & the length of events felt patterned right...I wonder where that storyboard-animation ended up?

By the way the nice folks over at Daily Serving (which is a great arts resource!) have a write up about the gallery show! I can't help but get goosebumps when I read someone who really sees this whole film project in the same way that I do, it feels absolutely amazing to be able to be a part of something that people can see and understand and be a part of too, I think I now understand how cults work! Drink the Nervousfilms juice! No, really, drink it! It's just juice, Brent loves juice...sigh...



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