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 The Dallas PBS show Thinktv interviewed the co-curator of The Program, the art film fest that Gravity will be screened at in July, about how this showcase came to be & about some of the pieces being shown! Here is a video of the segment which includes footage from the final edit of the opening of Gravity.
This also reminded me that the film was featured on another PBS show in our own Pennsylvania sometime last year during the fatal state budget crisis that took a chunk out of arts funding in our area, a common story in most places it seems. This video (the first one in the article when you scroll down) has a nicely edited overview of footage from Brent's films in addition to some rare on set (in the yard) action of the director ambling around and discussing the important role art can play in a local economy! public television already! In a time where a tv show can consist of watching a girl get punched in the face it's really important to show that we're better than that!



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