What Good Is He If The Electricity Fails, If He Cannot Part The Water

I don't think I posted this article by Killing the Buddha and I should have! It is a wonderful account of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then and, being that Killing the Buddha is a self proclaimed "religion magazine for people made anxious by churches," it explores the concepts of faith & electricity in our film to perfection! In fact the author, Genevieve Yue, who contacted me during our hectic tour (and I apologize to for being so busy, unhelpful & far from files at the time) has an affinity for Thomas Edison which makes her the perfect person to comment on Brent's world of filmic, glowing, handmade creation!

Check out the article if you get a chance and the rest of the site as well, it's a pretty wonderful resource for those looking to "move past the complacency of belief " a theme that Gravity too grapples with everytime it is screened. Here are some of my recent favorite posts from their site, actually all of their posts are really, really great: Castles Made of Sand (Burning Man, it's socio-political malcontent & the culture of counterculture ), Jesus In Space (Mormon cosmology discovered through a giant marble Jesus) and The Lingering Loveliness of Long Things (an account of a marathon Moby Dick reading that mourns the passing of listening and communion- oddly reminding me of the experience of our live shows that I often feel)! Here is a picture of our own, as Brent says, "fully functioning God," that he built in the yard..and who is still sitting out there, waiting.



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