I was Engrossed In A Film

I somehow made it to four more screenings during my time at True/False! I am still not sure how exactly but, eye drops in hand, I did!

Benda Bilili and Blood In the Mobile both took place in different areas of the African Congo. Both were stories of struggle and change but in very, very different ways. Benda Bilili opens with a group of men in hand cranked wheelchairs slowly convening on a dark, dirty street corner to practice the songs that they create as a means of survival. Their songs are almost all about the fragility and fluctuation of life which is a theme at the core of the entire film. Taking them from rehearsals in a local zoo to a European concert tour all with the understanding that change in inevitable and every moment must be seized. This film was pretty inspiring filled with images of suffering, humor and the poignant thoughts of children on the ways of the world- this film should come packaged with tissues!

Blood in the Mobile sends a Danish director to the heart of the Congolese metal mines discovering the harsh conditions and war profiteering caused by the mineral operations whose products are found in most mobile phones. A heartbreaking scream for change, this film really made you see how the world must ban together against corporate injustice in order to advocate a new system.

I also saw James Marsh’s older film The Burger and the King a food journey through the life of Elvis Presley. The film was crafted so expertly and uniquely I’m not even sure how to describe it? Interviews with those who prepared Elvis’ food, staged Elvis impersonator last suppers, recipes for the best of the worst of the food that eventually killed the King. Similar in originality to Errol Morris & The Maysles takes on America, see this movie!

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles was a great idea- following an obsessed man who is trying to uncover the mystery of these street tiles spread throughout North & South America with a cryptic message of Jupiter, Kubrick and resurrection. A really great concept with tons of footage- I do wish this one was remixed a bit, there was just a lot going on! After talking to the director, it seems he is in a constant editing process trying to grapple with this enormously well documented mystery.

Now that I am emerged from the darkness I will leave you with pictures of what it looked like inside some of the ornate theaters of Missouri! It’s kind of unbelievable the amount of venues available in this tiny town! It is almost as if it was made for True/False!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.