The Tax Man

Now that we're done with our late winter tour I've been noticing a bunch of reviews about the shows we did lying around the internet....! It is really great to read what people have to say, it makes the long hours in the car worthwhile to know you've effected even one person in an audience somewhere!

Here are some pictures of Troy NY (look at those planes tear into the sky!) I took in between adding up our receipts for 2010 Gravity's like a nostalgic trip down memory lane being that we were still filming a year ago- receipt for mountain climbing harness we used in the car crash, recipt for clay to make my stilt shoes, receipt for glass bottled milk that Leonard drinks from (because you know Leonard is one of those adults who likes to drink milk!), receipt for one yellow parakeet! So many details spelled out in dollars & cents, what a weird way to see a movie! Back to the calculator; one receipt for nails, one receipt for screws, one receipt for giant water tank turned wax cylinder....



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