A Frame by Frame Winter

I do so apologize for the lack of posting! Animating is a very time consuming process! And we are fully in the midst of it right now! The 10 minute long animation we are pushing to finish for Sundance (yes, I know it is at the end of January but... the laborious joys of animating!) is also part of a piece that is on display down at the Miami art fair madness this week. A 2 minute preview excerpt from the hand drawn and paper cut out film in sculptural form,  To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given, is being shown on a smaller scale at the Pulse Art  Fair! Complete with polarized hacked LCD screens, a welded metal frame and a beautiful old phonograph horn- making the preview version amazing in it's own right!

If you aren't familiar with the art fair scene in Miami (which I covered a bit before when we were lucky enough to show the Gravity preview down there a few years back at Basel proper) let's just say it is like a big indulgent party with lots of art all set on the beautiful beaches of Florida! My highlights there included walking next to real live gators in the Everglades, having a giant iguana narrowly miss me as it fell from a tree, seeing an amazing array of art (ranging from the most contemporary to the downright historical) and getting to see insanely good music as my feet sank into sand & pink coral! But...there was also that guy in the large red Italian sportscar with a 2inch gold cross (!!!) hanging from his ear as he cut us off to get into the sprawling golf course that seems to occupy much of the city...?  It is a weird microcosm for sure! Hope the crowds down there get to see the beginnings of the piece we've been animating like crazy! Booth E-200 at Pulse! Woohoo!

There are other things going on over here in Pennsylvania too: Gravity has been nominated for "Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design and Animation" over at the Cinema Eye Honors awards event (along with A TON of other AMAZING films- what a line up in all categories!), it is deer hunting season (and TERRIFYING sounds of large ammunition begin at 4am and just seem to keep going! I loved that the deer started migrating back onto our land but...) and I just found out that there is an independent movie theater about an hour away from our barn over in Harrisburg PA!! If I can ever get away from this animating I am so going to go there! O animating! (rubs weary eyes, hands, neck...) Here are a few pictures of our current winter of lightbox, cutting board, frame by frame days! Just realized my camera is shooting in a 16:9 aspect ratio! Also due to animating! It is taking over EVERYTHING! Ok now, back to it...! Stay well & warm folks!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.