Submarines, Surfing, Sharks etc.

In other news...Brent & I are heading to Monterey California next week to present a screening of Gravity and talk to the students & community members at the California State University at Monterey Bay! The TAT (Teledramatic Arts & Technology) program at CSUMB is a perfect mix of filmmaking, producing, media history and all things tele- a pretty unique area of study that seems to be a little underserved by a lot of places. The program, with the lovely filmmaker (and awe-inspiring mom/artist/artist nurturer) Enid Baxter-Blader as a main attraction, had Brent out there before when we were traveling through the Westcoast moving around giant giant chunks of art and it was an incredible, beautiful place filled with incredible, beautiful people (both inside & out- I really do love surfers!)! Apart from incredible, beautiful sunsets (pictured) Monterey is also home to The Monterey Bay Film Society (an org in it's infancy but seemingly headed for greatness and I am not just saying that since they are partly sponsoring our journey out there!), the Steinbeck Wax Museum (a terrifying, terrifying place!) and (O no!) sharks! Stay safe surfers, stay safe beautiful, beautiful surfers..!

O, and in more news... Gravity is screening at the 18th Barcelona Independent Film Festival 2011, L'Alternativa in Spain in the next few days! Out of all of the stuff I have read about this fest the thing I like the most is the Hall Screen. It seems to be a strangely curated ongoing screening area that features shorts put together by programmers, other fests and even a series of open call submissions where people can bring their own shorts to the fest for everyone to see! All of the stills from the Hall Screen section seem interesting, intrigueing and gorgeous in their own way!  So, Spain, go see Gravity! And other amazing looking films! And tell us all you know of Monturial! We love Monturial!



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