True/False, Columbia Missouri, and Soup

On the drive back from Sundance, besides stopping off at many natural wonders and roadside attractions, we also stopped in on one of my favorite places in the world: Columbia Missouri! I know, I know, I can't stop raving about this place but, once again, it delivered it's wonderfulness in full form complete with the heartiest of lentil soups at the local indie movie theater cafe (!Ragtag! Yay!), a chocolate & sea salt ice cream at that place that was banned from selling cicada ice cream the last time I was in town, and the most lovable of film folks: the True/False Film Festival programming team!

True/False Film Fest 2012 Commercial from Jonny Pez on Vimeo.

I will say I was let in on some of the secrets of this year's upcoming documentary film festival and, as promised, I won't divulge any information but I will say: GO TO THE FESTIVAL THIS YEAR! It is going to be UNBELIEVABLE! Well it is always unbelievable of course but this year might just be the BEST YEAR according to my sources! True/False 2012 passes are already on sale and going fast! Get one! And no, Paul Sturtz (co-founder/co-director of the fest) did not pay me to say this...even though he did insist on giving me a bribe a gift of some sort, a candelabra in the shape of a trumpet (? which we conveniently left behind?) and some T/F stickers which are already on the car! If we weren't going to be in Buffalo, NY this March for a live-performance of Gravity, and also for the first recording session of our new feature film (!!!!), we would so be spending even more time in Columbia Missouri to soak up the culture, film and just general awesomeness this event- and town- are fueled by! So, please send Columbia well wishes from me when you are there (picture of me in my T/F hoodie at Arches National Park after a serious hike, another stop on the long way home from Sundance!).



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.