Home Recording

Starting to flesh out the soundtrack for the new film has led to a thing I never thought would happen out here at Nervousfilms: we've created a home recording studio with semi-professional equipment! Wha?!?? I am still in disbelief but being that the story for the next feature film, Anatomical Maps With Battle Plans, is a very personal one for Brent, revolving around the fabled tales of his volatile grandfather, it makes sense that he would want some solitude and space to record the dense stories that he has been plotting away at in his little red notebook...it also makes sense that a little more control is wanted over the sound for the next feature film too, a thing that wasn't a main concern with Gravity, especially since that film was most definitely meant to be performed with a live band!

Slowly but surely we become slightly more professional by the day...but, who I am kidding, we did hang all of the guitars in the new studio up on the wall with straight up screws, I am pretty sure that there is a  microphone duct taped to the piano, and the drum kit? Well, it only sort of resembles a drum kit...!

Here are some pics of our new barn recording set up! Another step towards another film! Yay!



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