Heading down to the wondrous True/False Film Fest tomorrow in the lovely town of Columbia, MO! I will be trying to post as much as I can (like I did the last time I was lucky enough to make it down) but my ambitious film watching schedule might get in the way (please dear flight & weather lords, let me arrive safely on time so as to not miss Jodorowsky's Dune which begins one hour after my ETA in town!!!!!!!). I wrote a few blurbs about films for the fest this year so I am a little ahead of myself already having seen Sacro Gra, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, and Secret Screening Amber (which was a fun puzzle to write since no distinguishing features about the film could be used in the description given its "secret" status). These films were completely amazing and each one somehow managed to redefine what a film can be. I'm not kidding, EACH ONE of those films seriously pushed the boundaries of not only fact & fiction but also the nature of the way films are created; inventive/groundbreaking storytelling, soulful characters, astounding artful visuals, even using sound in a thought provoking way. You heard me! Thought provoking SOUND!!!  I don't know how the fest directors do it! I'll also be introducing a few films & leading a handful of post screening Q&As too so be sure to say hello if you happen to be in the land of beautiful, visionary films. Now: how many sweaters should I pack...hmmmm?



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