Yesterday marked the first day of the True/False film fest! I love this town! And this fest! And films questionably categorized as documentaries! Drew & I broke out the tacky glue on the long trek from Chicago to make masks for the opening night jubilee masked ball! We just missed the festivities but that didn't stop Drew from wowing (?) those at a dinner we went to with his eerie masked skills (?)!

The dinner where Drew was wowing was sponsored by True/False's British sister festival The Branchage film fest. It takes place on an island called Jersey off the coast of the main land and, as their bodacious spokeswoman Molly told us, they've done everything from screen films on tugboats to use the coming and going of the tide as a part of the screenings- a true cinematic experience! It sounds great, as does Molly's band Plaster of Paris (You know "Operatic Gypsy Folk?" she said). Even the little bag of goodies handed out at the dinner were charming filled with do-it-yourself camera obscuras, paper airplanes, candies all in an envelope addressed to their film fest submission office- too perfect! What a great welcome to both fests!

As for True/False I am currently reconciling our schedule with the film screening schedule, more to come soon! Also: a car crashed into the church we are performing at tomorrow! Never a dull moment in Columbia, MO!



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