my little corner of the world

As a former English major and a NY publishing ex-pat Brent's writing is definitely the thing that drew me to work on this film. Even though I know what most of the script is once in awhile I will hear a clip of edited narration and I will be totally stunned. One line from the film that I was unaware of until recently speaks of how we all sort of build our own world- which was definitely true of our character Leonard Wood who literally built his surroundings piece by piece as a means to escape and find comfort in a larger, confusing existence. I think this is the first time that the scope of what Brent was trying to convey was something he couldn't just build himself which led us to a strange afternoon of filming in the macrocosm of New York City. We went down to Wall Street to film for a bit where we were met with a blast of sound echoing along the cobblestone streets only to round the corner and find the below scene. Brent sat on a bench with his camera, eyed at by the massive amount of post 9/11 security given his beard & general suspicious nature, while I did my best tourist impression in the rainy, overwhelming world outside of our own little constructed farm existence...



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