satellite of love

I was on the internet today and read somewhere that Brent agreed to do a q&a via videochat this week for his Dallas screening. I found this particulary interesting because our rural satellite internet does not support such new technology! It's true folks, we live in a place without broadband access (I'm sure you've heard of it on the news, politicians were even briefly concerned sometime last year!) and we even (gasp!) have a limit on how much information we can download/upload per day with the (overpriced) internet we do have! I'm pretty sure limiting the amount of virtual information I am allowed is illegal somehow being that it is an imaginary world of free-use bytes but I shouldn't complain, it still beats the dial-up internet we had when I first moved in! The only high speed internet access available at 9:30pm our time, which is when the q&a is scheduled, is at the 24hour chain donut shop! People should cc me on more of Brent's e-mails I think...



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