And That's The Way It Is

Filled with half-true facts, some odd journalistic photos of the install and a narrator claiming to be the ASU Walter Cronkite, here is somebody's homework! Based on the Gravity show in Arizona! 

(Stares perplexidly at videos end, shakes it off.) Also, speaking of Arizona...we're headed down there this upcoming week! On October 8th is the "official" opening of the museum show, Brent is hosting an animation workshop on the 9th & 10th and we're doing a version of the live show on the 9th! Whew! Also, I've been informed that the heat has not broken as previsously promised (unpacks recently packed away shorts, packs away recently unpacked sweaters). If you're in the Phoenix area or are visiting the Phoenix area e-mail me for more info on these events!



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