Yesterday I spent my time running around Philadelphia while Brent lectured at the Tyler School of Art (brought there by the artistic genius that is Karyn Olivier).  I was able to stop into the infamous Mutter Museum (which, as reported in the "news", was recently inhabited by the likes of a set of famous Pennsylvanian animators) and even witness the destruction of a church- which I thought was particularly fitting given the issues & themes of Gravity! I was very close to living in Philly at some point, the DIY culture and general heart of the art community, and the regular community as well, is really great with collectives like Space 1026 and Art in the Age churning out wonderful, quality stuff with minimal attitude!

It's kind of strange that we haven't screened the film in Philly yet? Or even PA for that matter? (We had some interest early on from the intrigueing group  Puppet Uprising "Dedicated to the Art of the Puppet Underground" but in the end it didn't seem the venue would work out for our screening needs...which is kind of a bummer!) Maybe we'll set something up for next year in the city of brotherly love & cheesesteaks! Never forget the cheesesteaks!



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