Cleaning Up the Barn to the tune of Burning Down the House

Whenever we are running around installing shows, screening the film, performing live etc. we always sort of vacate the barn in a flurry leaving a beautiful disaster in our wake to come home to! Today in attempts to stave off anymore ruin due to a suddenly leaky barn (I cannot tell for the life of me where the water is coming from? It's reached the point where I think our local Paranormal Investigator team might show up and start an inquiry!) and to try and get things somewhat in order, I decided to clean the basement.

Here is a pic of a drawing I discovered down there (you can see it hanging near the tractor) that is made on some sort of trash picked cubicle board which I find funny- someone's re-purposed workplace in our own depicting a haven of a home also in our home- this particular cubicle board was brought to us by our friend Jerry awhile back on his way to our dumpster but stopping just short to end up on our porch (hearty congrats to Jerry & family on their new adorable baby by the way)! Ok..I am dusty. No, just plain dirty. Showertime!



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