Painted Deserts

As I mentioned before, we're gearing up for the Ottawa International Animation Festival at the end of this month! I'm slightly intimidated by the features we're sharing the bill with- including this one which is apparently part of a gigantic Japanese franchise that made roughly $56.5 million dollars (!) last winter and the new work from the delightful Chomet (Triplets of Belleville) but I don't really see this as a competition so much as a venue to see new animated work. And a nice excuse to go to Canada! I've only been there once and it was magical I can't imagine how magical it's gonna be during an animation fantasyland! We'll be there for a Q&A on the 22nd and for filmaker festivities on the following day!

Here is somemore info about the Gravity live show taking place on Saturday in Phoenix! The link also includes a slideshow of the installation we did down there including a lot of shots of me looking haggard, various people wielding various power tools, large piles of building materials fresh off the truck and a lot of shots of Brent talking to a bunch of strangers! Actually, I think we made a lot of friends in Phoenix so they weren't all strangers! Hope we get to see everybody again this weekend!



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