He Ruins Pizzas!

As a child I remember being obsessed with the California Raisins to  an almost unhealthy degree, even refusing to go to the doctor unless I could get the pruned figurines I lustfully eyed in the window of the nearby toy store! So when I read that Will Vinton, the creator of The California Raisins and the Domino's Pizza Noid (You heard me, the friggin' NOID! Avoid the Noid!) to name a few, was going to be at The 2nd Los Angeles Animation Festival International I got pretty excited since we will be there too!

LAAF (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.

The 2nd Los Angeles Animation Festival International will be taking place at The Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theater December 3-7, featuring a live performance of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then on December 4th! I am super excited for this live show, with Brendan, Drew, John and Howe on the roster I think it's bound to be a good one! I am also super excited for all of the other festivities going on for this event too including a discussion with one of the Pixar animators behind the much acclaimed short Day and Night, a screening/discussion about Mtv's (past?) role in promoting progressive animation and even some vintage Vinton taking center stage with a new print of his rarely screened feature The Adventures of Mark Twain! And, it is all taking place in one of my favorite cities! Los Angeles! Can't wait for my second trip to this beautiful, glitzy, home of the movies!



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