From Desert to Derby

I've been away for a few days without internet (or indoor plumbing for that matter!) so it's been pretty amazing to come home to even more 2010 Gravity applause! We got four nominations for this guys Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, wait, no category for stop motion acting?! And we made it on the Top Ten Films of 2010 compiled by MarBelle of the wonderful Directors Notes! This in addition to the roaring response from the recent article in Art In America, which I finally got to see in person- complete with some amazing frame by frame pictures of the car crash sequence and some sweeping images of the entire set in the museum in Arizona!

Here are some other recent pictures, taken by the ever so talented Olya Vysotskaya, of the set as it sits in the warm southwest..that is until next week when we head down there to take everything to it's next destination: Louisville Kentucky! Another long haul across the country with our town! I couldn't be more excited especially since Louisville is the hometown of Leonard Wood, the inspiration for the main character of Gravity, making the trip an odd homecoming of sorts, a kind of memorial/remembrance of his life's work which no longer exists in today's world of homogeny and forgetfulness. I can't wait to celebrate this man and his story in the place that he was lost the most, towards Louisville! Huzzah!



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