Gravity is Everywhere! was a great way to start off 2011! No, not because our phone suddenly stopped working and right now I am watching Brent plug in a rotary phone/Gravity prop to make necessary phone calls but because The Hollywood Reporter (of all things!) let everybody know that Gravity will be having it's European premier at The Rotterdam Film Festival and, if that wasn't enough, a stunning article (which I still haven't seen in print, you know, due to the fact we live in a barn and all...) in the new issue of Art in America  features the likes of Brent Green!

YAY! Seriously proud of him! And us! It's so great that this labor of love is getting attention in so many awesome ways! Oh my goodness- that phone is loud! Oh my goodness- I've never been to Europe! So exciting! Well, not the loud phone part...



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