Space is (Not) Boring

In Gravity news...a few more international fests have added the film to their line up, will pass word along when more things become official and whatnot! Is there a chance I will cross the equator...? Stay tuned!
In other animation news: the film Brent is currently working on here in Troy has something to do with Laika, the ill-fated dog the Russians shot off into space during the first space program tests! The film series Orbit (film) was the original source of inspiration for this animation and Orbit (film) just had it's debut in Houston  (which is also where the first vision of Brent's Laika project was formed with the exhibition we mounted at Diverseworks [partly pictured above]. Oddly, Houston is also where the first scientist came forward with the true details on Laika's short lived life in orbit, poor dog). Orbit is made up of a collection of commisioned short films by artist/filmmakers & each film is about one of the special planets in our solar system (Brent's piece for this series is, obviously, still not done, frame by frame he draws and draws...and it is also not exactly sticking to the planetary theme but...)! Hope Orbit (film) gravitates to my area soon!

And fittingly, you know what today is? That's right! It's open to the public telescope day on the roof of the astrophysics building at the Hirsch Observatory at RPI! YAY! Now I wait for dark and cross my fingers the clouds cooperate (which they DID NOT do during supermoon day/open telescope day last week)! Here is Gravity's moon and a teaser for Orbit(film) in the meantime!

Orbit(Film) Teaser from Mike Plante on Vimeo.



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