Was In England Once for 20 Minutes to Hastily Switch Planes

 I know some Englanders (including some fine ladies of The Branchage Film Fest, Lee Kern, and whoever the guys were in London who saw the film in Rotterdam and ranked it in their top three via twitter) were lucky enough to have already seen Gravity but tonight a whole new crowd of Brits will be able to see our film!  I've been reading all about how awesome the Flatpack Film Festival is- melding art & music with an intense love of cinema and its' lovely historic past, accessible future and many, many formations!

Actually the DJ for one of their events pretty much sums up the entire film fest ethos from what I can tell: Sculpture is a DJ duo who make zoetrope albums- you heard me! Visual, animated, music! (See video above) Seriously? Awesome! I also read that the short I was hurrah-ing for just the other day (The Eagleman Stag) is screening there, a vintage mobile cinema (! a giant drivable theater-van from the 60s that was used to tour factories and screen films about the future of industry!) is driving around, there is a panel called The Cinema Exists To Please Women that explores the legacy of the female film critic (which, especially as a film blog lady and someone who took Feminist Film Theory pretty seriously back in the day, I am thrilled about!),  and Shadow Shows  a live music performance with a three screen projection featuring the art of shadow puppetry and the early spectres of film/theater is happening as well! From everything else I've read online I can safely say I am completely bummed I am missing this festival! Maybe next year? Hope so!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.