Switzerland Love

Well, now I have even more of a reason to love the Bildrausch Film Fest Basel- Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then won the jury prize at the first year of this spectacular festival! Yay! With a one man jury up against such greats as Meek's Cut Off and Life During Wartime, Gravity left the sole juror with tears in his eyes...! I did not get to meet the juror when we were there which is a shame since I have heard great things about his work and since he respects ours as well but it is nice to know he saw our film and it resonated with him in such a way as to publicly applaud it! Yay!

Another wonderful memory of Switzerland to add to the others...strawberry ice cream with my feet in the Rhine, late night cult films in an audience full of inspiration, being recognized for this film I love so dearly.... sniffle...what a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for the countless, beautiful memories Switzerland!



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