The fact that our flight is delayed out of Australia is okay with me being that I am finding it really hard to leave this strange and beautiful continent! This country really is a pretty magical place that I can't even begin to describe...beaches, bush, desert, marsupials, high fashion, oceans, experimental film- it is all pretty much a wonderland that I had to see with my own eyes to even begin to believe!  And I am still not quite convinced it is real...a few more pics before we say goodbye!

It is pretty fitting that one of the hits of the Perth Revelation Film Fest, The Troll Hunter, (a fiction film about filmmakers stumbling upon an area of Denmark teeming with gigantic trolls which is being hailed as the Godzilla of Scandinavia) takes place in our next destination on our Gravity mini-world tour! We are right now on our way to Denmark and Sweden to perform at least three shows in the summer light of the Northern Circle. Here are some links to some info about these shows which are taking place in MalmoHammenhog and Copenhagen over the next few days.



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