...you got your good things and i got mine

I briefly mentioned something about the heaven we made earlier. Yeah. That's right. We made a little heaven. It is 16ft up in the air, with a god looking down and angels flying about in a backdrop of little golden clouds and lightbulbs and wood. Leonard Wood, the real life person our main character is based on, was a very religious man. The box of music we have of his are all hymns he wrote, he was obssessed with making sure his cherished violin was donated to the church, his letters were constantly about his devotion to the lord- from what I can tell Leonard believed that maybe God could help everyone go on living, in life and in death. Most people would probably want to shy away from this aspect of a character but, when you live in a world where school textbooks are currently being edited to include Jesus, I think it is definitley an important theme to mention! Some of the best writing in the film, like in a lot of Brent's work, really explores religious fervor and, like is often my reaction to Brent's films, I'm tearing up just thinking about these beautiful lines...So today I had to take apart our backyard rickshaw heaven, screw by screw, mainly because it was huge and in the way. Now it isn't. Peace on earth!



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