"...nothing rhymes with Bart!"

When I met Brent a few years back and he wooed me to the woods with the glitz & glamor of making a film (ha!) it was at a gallery opening in New York. It was at the now defunct Bellwether Gallery run by the progressively keen eye of Becky Smith. As an artist herself Becky's contemporary art curation was presented beautifully making each show look amazing not only because of the roster of unique talent she represented but also her own stylized production of each show! I didn't run around the art world circuit too much when I lived in New York but I always tried to see whatever it was she had on display. Which makes the fact I missed Brent's show there all the more fated!

Oddly Brent's new gallery, Edlin Gallery, moved on over to the space that used to house his old gallery! Edlin represents a strange array of outsider artists (untrained, self taught, weirdos in the woods types including the infamous Henry Darger) mixed with some highly skilled contemporary blood (including our good friend Mr. Chris Doyle whose current animation work is captivatingly amazing/immersive and whose photorealistic watercolors are unrivaled). Brent sort of inhabits both spheres I guess, a kind of self taught contemporary artist. Being an un-schooled artist/filmaker is definitely important to his work- he's never thinking of restrictions he just goes! Which is exactly how we went about making an entire film in our yard!

So, at the end of the week we move the whole main house from the set into a gallery in New York. O dear. The above poster is made from a film still of Gravity, a film still from the scene which was the culprit behind the animating contraption, pieces of which still haunt/obstruct the living space! The show opens April 17th, opening reception 6-9pm (stop by and say hello!) & runs thru June 5th, Edlin Gallery 134 Tenth Ave.



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.