Yes, it is (somewhat) official, the Gravity end of Summer tour is going to start at the beginning of August! The first stop is in Columbus Ohio at the Wexner Center on August 11th with a q&a following. And, according to their website, I will be on hand for the q&a. Wha? Really? Ever since Freddy in San Fransisco asked me for advice on how to propel his filmaking forward after the PFA screening, to which I think I just replied with a gaping mouth/blank stare of confusion, I have tried to stay away from any form of after film talking! Wish me luck!
O, and here is a (blown out/distorted) screen shot I just took off of my computer from the film...wading through the thousands upon thousands of film stills we have from this project to get better quality images seems like a daunting task...but I really need to. I don't even know where to start there are so many hardrives! Eek!



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