Well, Gravity didn't win big at Ottawa but the film that did win sounds awesome! Hopefully we'll get to see it when we head up to Canada for the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema where we will be performing Gravity live, on November 18th, for the first time outside of the US. The band for this show will even include Alan Scalpone & Mike McGinley of The Bitter Tears! Mike also stars as Leonard in the film so this is a special screening for sure! Here you can see Mike from a film shoot we did at the beginning of this year (oh my goodness! we were still filming at the beginning of this year, that is just crazy! I deserve a nap after this realization!) from when we were struggling with some frozen ground issues!

In other animation news, Brent will also be on hand at the SF Internatinal Animation Festival for a discussion of Gravity on November 14th! Should be an awesome time, too bad I can't make it out to this one, the line up looks amazing...!



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