If I Was A Photographer

 I didn't really post too much about the venue we played in San Diego and I thought I should because it was a pretty great place. The Museum of Photographic Arts is located in Balboa Park in San Diego California where not one, but two (!!!) world's fairs took place! The hollow, ornate architecture left behind by the semi-permanent world's fairs are always insane! In this case, MOPA resides in a looming Spanish-Renaissance style pavilion left over from the 1915 Panama-California Exhibition, which seems almost fitting to be the house of art photography, not only as a great picturesque backdrop but as a nice foil to the ghostly, reproducible photographic process. The museum curation was perfection (especially the Maggie Taylor and Jerry Uelsmann exhibit which was a fantastic Victorian nature fantasy) and the theater itself was gorgeous (complete with a twinkling night sky above)! Everyone there was great to work with and the vibe (uh-oh, I've been in California too long!) was calm, cool and collected to such a comforting level. I think the greatness of the museum had a lot to do with the greatness of the show, everyone felt at home in this wonderful environment! I wish there was more on the internet to get across MOPA's feel, I guess you'll just have to visit to understand!



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