Ten Stories High

A few days ago we ended up in New York running various errands and mailing various DVD orders...the evening winded down with dinner at the home of an amazing couple: Eve Sussman (pictured at bottom) & Simon Lee. Eve (usually working with The Rufus Corporation collective) is a superb artist  with such a thick, gorgeous eye for film and photography. Her work is so amazing that I sometimes find it hard to even put words to the saturated images she can create. Simon makes images that are equally as full but more gritty in feel and execution. It seems he prefers a grim, scratchy yet lushly sated starkeness  as a kind of foil to Eve's more vibrant one.

 Both of them show their work internationally at museums, galleries & film venues, I personally haven't seen enough of it but right now I'm lucky: Eve's newest venture White on White, a film made of sections that reorder with each viewing over a central noir story- a brilliant idea and a technical feat- is currently screening online at the wonderous Triple Canopy! Simon's most recent not-so-short-short film Where is the Black Beast? will be playing at the Rotterdam film festival (where Gravity will also be showing!) and is composed of found photographs edited to the narration of a poem with a variable score for each reader. It's funny that both of their newest work has variation as a central component? But it makes total sense in our not so stable world I guess! Eve & Simon truly embody the artistic sense, their work comes from them so naturally and beautifully...so much inspiration from them and all of their never ending creative output, which included a delicious dinner!

Sitting in the theater (pictured above with Brent and our friend Griff, another brilliant artistic spirit) that Eve & Simon constructed inside their space high atop a Brooklyn factory building, seeing the New York skyline stretched out in front of us, surrounded by such amazing company, hunkered in the warmth away from the cold streets, made me miss winter in the city but we will be back soon enough with two nights of live Gravity performances at The Kitchen! This is Brent's second time performing at this legendary space, the other time being the first Brent Green live show I ever saw making this an extra special show for me! Super excited and really hope everyone who missed us during our summer New York rooftop performance can make it out to this cozy late winter (February 17th & 18th) show! Tickets can be puchased here! Hope to see all my favorite New Yorkers (That means you! If you are from New York!)!



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