Crafty Kentucky

On our way to and from Memphis we stopped off in Louisville to break up the trip. While staying at the lovely Dane & Warren's house (Brent pictured in their magical musical home!) on a beautiful Southern dead end we stopped by to see the set and share it with bandmates Drew & John (the latter of which had never once seen the set in person in any form other than the film!). We also stopped by the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft which is a serious hidden gem in downtown Louisville Kentucky representing art in the name of craft in two floors of beautiful space!

One of the shows currently up was fantastic! Titled Craft Meets Technology, the show features just that: work, both artistic and often functional, at the intersection of the newest of the handmade and the technological. There were too many things to even begin to pick a favorite but the work of Trikoton which produces woven knits that have a coded system of words and phrases (tending toward vibrant progression in the chosen statements) dotted or punched into the fabric is breathtakingly beautiful,  it was an amazing surprise and such an innovative idea that I couldn't help but love it! Other pieces in the show included a solar powered birdhouse (pictured), a wind powered thread sculpture making machine, woven electrical circuits that can control sound through touch, a sharable network of habitrails (both virtual and real) for rodent pet lovers to unite and even a dress that could be manipulated around you into a cocoon of peacefulness to hide from the overwhelming city life. The DIY nature (a thing I have been recently thinking about a lot, be prepared for a lengthy side rant soon!) and the heavy folk feel of the museum really made me happy to see a place that it representing such an underserved artistic genre and that is stealthily promoting the new generation of craft culture -which Brent is undoubtedly a part of!

I can't believe we missed this space during all the time we have spent in Louisville, so glad we finally made it there! And I am so happy to come back through this lovely town once again and wave to our own little  town hidden within it!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.