Do Not Worry About the Shipwreck

You know you are in (yet another!) magical place when you are on a train from the airport, crossing a bridge over a huge body of water (which turns out to be Oresund, the strait between Denmark and Sweden) and a nice stranger turns to you, as you peer out the window with visible shock and jet lag, "Do not worry about the ship wreck. It has been there for months. No one can move it. Where are you from?" So far this interaction seems to hold true for all of my Swedish interactions which is great especially considering I think I spent about 30 hours on a plane before getting here?

Speaking of planes...Drew & John missed their flight...well, they didn't really miss it, the airline just gave their seats away! Yup! Apparently their years of tardiness were punished for in a punishment of epic proportions- such bad, bad timing airline! This means that Brent and I showed up to a show with no band! And barely any music making gear! Despite these HUGE obstacles we performed two of Brent's short animations and screened the theatrical version of Gravity- we had no choice! Whisked from airport to stage the crowd of 400 (!) slowly gathered atop a rooftop (pictured) in Malmo Sweden (pictured below) as the sun slowly descended below the horizon. The audience was amazing, I have never received so many hugs from strangers as I did from the audience of this screening! What a perfect welcome!

I do have to admit that hearing my own voice boom out over the landscape of Malmo from a roof after having been in a plane for over a full day is insanely disorienting! Sometimes I still cannot believe any of this is really happening though so...there is that too! The rest of the band is expected tomorrow so hopefully we can have a proper show on Friday in Hammenhog, more info on that show after the bands arrival!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.