A Feather Thrown Into A Canyon

Being without power for days has made me unable to officially announce the fate of the sculpture....! (...drumroll please.....) To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given, a multimedia sculpture by Brent Green featuring a new hand drawn animation, is to premier at: The New Frontiers section of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival! YAY!!!! This marks Brent's fourth? fifth? time with work at Sundance and my first time ever to go to this awesome American legend of a film fest! Woohoo!

We drove through Park City Utah, the home of Sundance, awhile back on one of our long art hauls and I can't wait to see the beautiful, majestic, inspiring, mountain ranges covered in snow in the last few days of January! I also can't wait to cover the fest on the blog, a thing I find I like doing more and more with each film fest we attend! I wonder if there are any outside sources looking for someone to cover festival goings-on....? Hmmm...any leads on someone who needs a correspondent who just happens to already be there? We'll see! Until then, animate, animate, animate to have this thing ready for it's big Sundance premier! So  exciting! Here is a picture of an almost entirely unrelated giant bird that has been living near the barn! Also exciting!



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