Huge Like an Ocean

After two sold out screenings and a well attended industry/press screening Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then had its last showing at the Rotterdam International Film Festival yesterday. In an Imax. It was so funny to see our backyard film on a gigantic screen to the point that, even after we stood in front of the 400 hundred seats and giant glowing IMAX sign pointing into the theater we were told to go to, it still seemed like a scheduling mistake!

As for the audience, numerous people have seemed touched and moved by the film reaching out to discuss the depths of the story at an angle unlike any American audience has. But I think this inquisitive nature is inherent in a lot of European thought/art, evident in a lot of others work here as well, especially in the work of a Rotterdam based artistic duo we were able to sneak into the industry/press screening of Gravity and that we were told we must meet while here.

Bik Van Der Pol (Liesbeth Bike & Joss Van deer Pol) make some of the single most intelligent, well constructed projects on earth! From what I can tell they have somehow managed to take the intellectualization of contemporary art and turn it into a medium all its own- constructing balanced habitats, referencing texts, researching the depths of museum archives- all reaching the end goal of constructive, inquisitive thought while making a visually stunning index of these thoughts. It takes an amazing mind (or in this case two!) to realize these ideas and to actually use ideas as an artistic medium for exploration and progressive cultural foot-printing. So glad we got to share our film with them! And so glad they are bringing their inspiring work to the US in the next few months!

Now that our screenings are over (and my jet lag has subsided) I am prepared to watch other movies and walk slowly around the city...maybe after a nap? zzzZZZzzzz



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.